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The young soldiers all lamented how the Drill Sargent always seemed agitated which perhaps the slightest transgression by only one troop would cause everyone in the platoon to need to drop and do pushups. Sometimes, it seemed that "Drill Sargent" would say these were performing a 20K march if it turned out to be 26K. Sometimes, it seemed that Drill Sargent's purpose ended up being drive them to "break". In fact, several attempted to intentionally "wash out" it doesn't help. And, Drill Sargent wouldn't say to them they can NOT eat something at chow but was quick to remind them with the effect that indiscretion might have on their own PT scores.

Most individuals are surprised to find out they're not alone with signs of IBS. In fact, ibs (IBS) affects approximately 10-20% in the general population. It is the most common disease diagnosed by gastroenterologists (doctors who specialize in medical therapy of disorders with the stomach and intestines) and something in the most typical disorders seen by primary care physicians.
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