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About a couple of times monthly I discover a situation that drives me a little crazy. It usually happens with a Monday or Tuesday. A mom relates to the clinic because she took her child to a acute care center or even an ER on Sunday (because I don't work on Sundays) which has a sore throat or possibly a runny nose. Whoever saw her child started him by using an antibiotic. I always ask the mother just what the diagnosis was and I am told "tonsillitis" or "upper respiratory illness." I ask "was your kids tested for strep or anything else?" Usually the answer is "no," but she was told it may be strep or some other infection along with the child needs to be started on an antibiotic "just in case". I have to let you know that in no medical book do you want to look for a diagnosis called "just in case". It doesn't exist. I double checked before I wrote this in order to make certain. If it existed it would be right between Junctional nevus and Juvenile Ankylosing spondylitis (now those are diagnoses you can really get your teeth into, filled with pictures). But alas, no Just in Case can be found.

Vitamin A was often used as an acne remedy. As it may help in some acne cases, it is critical to be familiar with negative effects the exact same thing high of Vitamin A may cause. If you made a decision to use Vitamin A being an acne treatments, you're risking: thinning hair problem, headaches and skin dryness. You should stop taking the vitamin if you happen to be the victim of the of unwanted side effects and select other styles of treatment.

• Eat more lettuce, you'll need the fiber. No, lettuce causes cancer (in a very Berkeley study published in October, 1992)• Don't gain in than 22 pounds when pregnant. No, now we've discovered that gaining 30 pounds is really a lot healthier. No, now we've found that gaining 30 pounds is just too much and results in obesity for the people babies later. (along with the jury is still from any particular one)• Milk is full of antibiotics and hormones making it unhealthy to suit your needs. (there is certainly some truth to this particular, but it never proven it is unhealthy instead of everyone does it)

Successful treatment must look closely at the possible causes then pay them down. In addition, it ought to provide symptomatic relief whilst killing the damaging bacteria. Plus, it should also provide methods for strengthening and enhancing the amounts of beneficial bacterial from the vagina to make sure that harmful bacteria just cannot survive. Now this is a tall order for just about any treatment, and you'll perhaps start to realize why using an antibiotic for bv is simply not enough as it can certainly only deal with taking care of, that's killing off harmful bacteria.

After I decide that a patient has pharyngitis, then the second step is usually to see whether a bacteria or virus is always to blame. Bacterial infection (more commonly called strep throat) would warrant antibiotics while viral infection demands rest, fluids, salt gargles, and symptomatic treatment like Tylenol. Fortunately, criteria have been developed to make this determination, termed the Centor criteria. These are named for that investigator that developed the criteria (original article here). The criteria are highlighted below:
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