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Our defense system or our immunity system helps to protect your body and stop diseases. Bacteria, fungi and virus are invariably trying to invade the body. The body's defence mechanism keeps a check up on them by recognizing these invaders and resisting them. Our immunity destroys these micro organisms when they attack and keeps the body healthy. Low immunity signifies that the immunity strategy is weak which is struggling to protect your body. This makes your body very likely to illnesses, infections and diseases.

It is important to detox your body since there are many toxins and bacteria which are contained in one's body. These detox herbs are widely-used to purify our bodies through the harmful toxins. The toxins get settles down in the body to cause severe diseases. Hence the detox herbs are employed in excreting the waste from your body. The best detox herbs present are: Nettles, Burdock, Dandelion, Milk Thistle etc. Herbs work most effectively medicine to cure the diseases as it could not cause any unwanted effects. The products in the herbs like fruits, plant leaves, bark, roots, and oils include the powerful agents used for stopping the diseases. The Chinese herbs are the most useful medicine used from your ancient times. You could get bulk Chinese herbs that is accessible in reduced price.

The consequence of the immunodeficiency is an overwhelming the likelihood of infection and also to the graft-vs-host reaction. The latter occurs when any histo-incompatible tissue from an immuno-competent donor is infused in the immunodeficient recipient. Due to its immunodeficiency, one's body struggles to reject the foreign incompatible tissue. Therefore, the antigenic donor cells attack the host's tissues. The graft-vs-host reaction is a serious complication inside only known strategy for SCID, bone marrow transplant.

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