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Everything in our planet includes a something that it's weak against, during the microbial world. In the micro world all cells possess a little monster, these monsters are viruses. Viruses are incredibly small complex structures that are obligate parasites, means they require a host cell to operate. Since viruses require tons cell, this will make them challenging to destroy or eradicate; in-turn making antiviral drugs tough to produce.

Immunity develops growing up is encountered with germs that surround us in those who are sick or coming down by having an illness. Each illness produces immunity against only the particular germ or germ family that caused the illness. So, immunity builds, one illness at the same time throughout childhood. It takes a whole childhood to produce immunity against most of the common illnesses in the community. But, as soon as maturity is reached, protection against most disease is place, and adults do not get sick as frequently as children do.

This however leaves a big population of younger people and individuals suffering with respiratory and cardiovascular ailments, in addition to a person with a weakened defense mechanisms, both old and young, at risky. So how can they and you effectively strengthen your disease fighting capability and beat H1N1 this flu season?

So what is it in the personalities that produce these three examples hardened targets? Well in my opinion, there are two traits that make one a hardened target (whether or not they by nature are introverted or extroverted, loud or quiet, etc). The first of these traits is ones SELF-ESTEEM levels. Or to place it one other way, one common trait which all bullies usually share will be the feeling of pleasure they derive when they are creating certainly one of their targets feel smaller than average bad about themselves. In fact, this is probably the essential goal behind all types of bullying behaviour, to produce someone feel worse in order that the perpetrator can temporarily feel great.

When you do get bit by the flu bug chicken soup is a wonderful remedy. Grandma really knew what she was doing when she made chicken soup when I was sick. There are mild anti-inflammatory properties in chicken soup that help prevent and cure colds and flu. Homemade soup is really the best, but when you are in a pinch, the stuff inside the can may help. Be sure to obtain the one most abundant in goodies like onion, celery, carrots, garlic, parsley, etc.
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