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After a 3 week period, they measured the white adipose fat weight and blood fat amounts of each rat, plus the gene expression profiles. The results were very promising and indicated that our bodies weights, white adipose fat weights and blood-lipid levels were significantly reduced the chocolate-fed group in comparison to the control group. Analysis established that cocoa or chocolate ingestion suppressed the expression of genes for enzymes involved in the synthesis of efas, and therefore the metabolism and storage of fats were restricted, maintaining a healthy weight.

The health consequences from the world's burgeoning obesity epidemic include the big three killers 'heart disease, cancer and diabetes in addition to a great many others. Health problems a result of obesity could eliminate the improved life-span we now have attained within the last century. And obesity is certainly the villain that is certainly wreaking havoc with this metabolic health.

Hygiene - Poor hygiene can lead to itching and discomfort. A lack of proper hygiene may also cause swelling and discoloration. For uncircumcised men failure to keep the foreskin clean and dry may result in itching and irritation. Keeping your genitals clean and dry will help prevent any hygiene related itching.Symptoms - Itching along the penis and/or scrotum.Treatment - Wash area with gentle soap and warm water, dry area carefully and completely. Change into clean and loose fitting clothing. Some cremes could help alleviate the discomfort of itching or irritation that comes from improper hygiene.